'The Avengers Project' May Be Revealed Next Week

Google is hosting a special panel at GDC (Games Developer Conference) next week where it's [...]


Google is hosting a special panel at GDC (Games Developer Conference) next week where it's expected to reveal its new gaming initiative, which may include a brand-new console. And as March 19 and the presentation draws closer, Google has slowly begun to pull back the curtain and tease what's in store, which may include some game reveals, announcements, and other news. That said, today it teased that Uncharted creator Amy Hennig and Crystal Dynamics will be featured as special guests.

Now, it's unclear how much significance this has, but the Internet is now speculating that Crystal Dynamic's untitled "The Avengers Project" may finally be revealed during Google's Presentation, which would be a huge exclusive reveal for the company to nab. News of the potential reveal comes way of a new tweet from the official Google Developers account, which teased the following:

Of course, just because Crystal Dynamics will be present at the presentation doesn't mean necessarily that The Avengers Project will be there with it. In fact, we don't even know if there's going to be any games revealed or announced at the presentation. If there was going to be, say, an Avengers Project reveal, you'd think that's the type of bombshell Google would tease before the event to attract more eyeballs, but who knows. Google is a new face in gaming, and so there's no precedent set in marketing and event strategy that we can use as a foundation to speculate.

The Avengers Project is currently without a release date. Further, it's not even clear if it's going to release this generation, as new evidence has recently emerged suggesting it will be a PS5 and Next Xbox title.

Will The Avengers Project finally be revealed at Google, or is it being saved for E3 2019?


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