The Avengers Project's Story Will Be An "Emotional Experience"

In January 2017, publisher Square Enix announced that it had signed a multi-title contract with Marvel that would see it produce multiple games based on Marvel Comics properties. To date, only one of these projects has been revealed: an Avengers game temporarily dubbed The Avengers Project. Unfortunately, since it revealed the project with a brief teaser, Square Enix has said virtually nothing about the game. What we know officially of the title mostly comes from said teaser. As you may remember, the hashtag #Reassemble accompanied the trailer, as well as imagery that hinted at destruction and tragedy. Combined, these two things indicate that the game's story will be something that involves salvaging the Avengers. Sounds like it will be an emotional experience, right? That's because it will be.

In a new job listing for the position of Narrative Director, developer Crystal Dynamics refers to the game's narrative as "emotional" multiple times.

"The Narrative Director will be tasked with the direction of the game's cinematic and gameplay experiences. They are expert in collaborating across design and narrative disciplines to make memorable, emotional, and cinematic experiences," reads the 'description' of the position. "The Narrative Director will work in partnership with the Game Director and Art Director, to create the narrative tone of the project. They will work cross-discipline with other writers, designers, and artists to develop a high-quality narrative AAA gameplay experience."

Elsewhere in the "essential duties and responsibilities" section of the job listing, the word emotional is brought up again. More specifically, it says the Narrative Director will be tasked with creating "an emotional gameplay experience." So, again, there seems to be real emphasis on the game's story being charged with emotion.

Interestingly, under the position requirements, it says the applicant must have the "ambition to create a Game of the Year title." Now, every studio wants to create a Game of the Year title, but not many put it right there in the job requirements. Perhaps this shows that Square Enix has huge ambitions for the game?

The Avengers Project is currently without a release date, and at the moment, no platforms have been concretely identified. When Square Enix announced the project, it said we would hear and see more of it in 2018, but that obviously never happened. That said, Square Enix has confirmed it will be at E3 this year, so maybe it will finally unveil the game there this June.

Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think or hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know over there. What do you want to see from The Avengers Project?


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