The Callisto Protocol Is No Longer Part of the PUBG Universe

One of the first announcements about The Callisto Protocol after its reveal was that it would be part of the PUBG: Battlegrounds universe, a detail which made a sliver of sense given that both games are published by Krafton, but otherwise, it was an unusual connection. If you were wondering since then how that tie-in would play out, wonder no more: It won't. The Callisto Protocol creator Glen Schofield announced this week that his new game "no longer takes place in the PUBG Universe" and that it's grown into its own to-do since that announcement was made.

Schofield shared the news on Twitter about the severed ties between The Callisto Protocol and PUBG. He dropped it as a pretty casual detail about the game which also makes sense given that we never actually learned how the game would connect to PUBG in the first place, but for those who do enjoy the battle royale game and were scouring The Callisto Protocol tidbits for clues, this missed connection may come as a disappointment.

But again, we didn't even know how the game would connect to PUBG, so the absence of that connection won't bother many. How would it have even worked anyway? PUBG does have lore which seems to expand every now and then with new map releases and other updates, but overall, it's still a battle royale game at its core. Making it connect to a space prison filled with monstrous beings pulled straight out of a horror movie might've been a toughie from the beginning, so perhaps it's best for everyone that The Callisto Protocol and PUBG remain independent from one another.

This revelation about The Callisto Protocol is just the latest of several details that have been revealed over the past couple of days. Those looking forward to the game have enjoyed reveals such as screenshots that showed off more of the monsters as well as details pertaining to the protagonist. A more specific release date beyond sometime in 2022 has not yet been announced, though it seems increasingly likely that we'll hear about those release plans at some point during the summer gaming events.