The Callisto Protocol Roadmap Shares Update on 2 New Modes

The Callisto Protocol is officially out now, and with that release comes a roadmap detailing what's coming next. That same roadmap includes updated release windows for two different features the game currently lacks: a New Game+ mode so that people can replay the story with some unlocks intact and a Hardcore Mode for those looking for a more challenging experience. Unfortunately for those who already have the game, neither of those features will be out until the first week of February.

The roadmap for The Callisto Protocol shared below details what's coming in the next couple of months. On February 7th, you'll notice that Striking Distance Studios plans to release the New Game+ mode as well as the Hardcore Mode. Details on those weren't provided at the time, but based on past iterations of these sorts of things in other games, we essentially know what to expect already.

Hardcore Mode may come as a welcome surprise to those who already have The Callisto Protocol and will want to revisit it once the time comes, but the New Game+ news will likely come as a letdown to those who got the game on its release. While not a guarantee for games like this, New Game+ modes are fairly common in single-player games, especially in ones where players acquire different armaments and upgrade them over the course of a playthrough. The Callisto Protocol ticks both of those boxes, so it's fair to imagine that some would assume the game would launch with a New Game+ mode.

It did not, however (which was a surprising find after beating it during the review process), and it won't until February 7th. The Callisto Protocol is on the shorter side, too, so all that'll be left for players to do once they finish the game is start anew on a different difficulty or with self-imposed challenges to play a certain way.


Both of those modes will be free for all players when they're added, but the rest of the content mentioned in the roadmap will only be available for those who've bought the game's season pass.