The Destiny 2 Beta: Here's When You'll Be Able To Jump In


So the Destiny 2 beta is set to kick off this week, and players by the thousands will be able to jump in and see what Bungie has to offer in its long-awaited follow-up. But the real question is…when will we be able to jump in?

I mean, we know the days, but we don't know the specific times that the beta will kick off. Well, until now, that is, as we've finally gotten the lowdown as to when the beta will begin for certain players.

Those of you that have pre-ordered the game on PlayStation 4 or gotten access to a code for the beta will be able to start first. The beta will begin for you tomorrow, July 18th, starting at 1 PM EDT. That's just a few hours from now, so you'll want to make sure it's pre-loaded so you can jump right in.

Next up are those that pre-ordered the game on Xbox One, or got a hold of a code for that particular platform. You'll be able to jump into the beta starting on July 19th at 1 PM EDT. Just 24 hours later, so not too bad a wait if you ask us.

Finally, there's the beta that will open up for everyone. This is for all players to jump into, whether you pre-ordered or not. You'll be able to play starting on July 21st, starting at 1 PM EDT.

Bungie has made note that there will be a massive number of players jumping into the beta, so there's a possibility that you could get an error message when you first get started. But eventually, you'll be able to jump in and see what the game is about. And yes, if you have further difficulties than expected, Bungie has talked about extending the beta a couple of days, so you will get the experience you want.

Furthermore, a PvP, Strike Mission and the game's social space (known as the Farm) will open up on Sunday, July 23rd, at 1 PM EDT. So you can check out those features as well.


So good luck, and we'll see you in the beta!

Destiny 2 releases on September 6th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and October 24th for PC.