The Division 2 Devs Have No Current Plans to Change Raid Difficulty

The Division 2 received its first raid recently, and while many players were quick to jump into [...]

The Division 2 received its first raid recently, and while many players were quick to jump into the action that Operation Dark Hours, some found things to be a little more difficult than anticipated, especially on console. After the first team completed the raid on PlayStation 4, Ubisoft mentioned that feedback about the difficulty was being taken into consideration and that tweaks were "not outside the realm of possibility." That said, during a recent State of the Game livestream, it was noted that there are not any plans to chance the difficulty at this time.

While discussing The Division 2 in the latest State of the Game livestream, community developer Chris Gansler mentioned how they do not plan on changing Operation Dark Hours' difficulty. "We've heard rumours about us changing the raid difficulty… there are currently no plans to change that," he said. "We know the raid is harder on consoles, but we are happy with where we're at."

Considering the devs said they were taking things into consideration when they first addressed the difficulty players have faced during The Division 2's first raid, it's not entirely surprising that they have no plans to change it. "That said, raid difficulty is certainly feedback that we have been looking at since the release of Dark Hours, and it is not outside the realm of possibility that tweaks will be made moving forward," they said.

It will certainly be interesting to see how the devs handle this raid as well as future ones moving forward. In the meantime, The Division 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For even more on the title, here is a snippet from our official review:

"Overall, The Division 2 feels like a complete game, which is seemingly becoming more and more uncommon these days. And while there is more to come, what has been presented at launch is more than enough for fans to sink their teeth into. With a hefty main campaign and a plethora of endgame content, The Division 2 not only improves upon its predecessor in nearly every way, but it also provides an experience that is well worth the price of admission."

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