'The Elder Scrolls Online' Teases New Elsweyr Expansion With New Cinematic And Dragons

A recent leak regarding a new expansion on the horizon for The Elder Scrolls Online game teased a return to Elsweyr as well as a new necromancer class and dragons. Now, the studio itself is teasing what's to come dubbing it the #SeasonoftheDragon:

Following the wild success that both the Morrowind and Summerset DLC saw, the change of scenery would be most welcome. Pair that with an earlier leak that went into detail about what's to come, and online players have a lot of reasons to rejoin others in Tamriel.

As far as what the actual expansion will have officially, we still don't know since the above video was a small teaser but we do have the leaked description that paints a phenomenal picture for fans:

"Venture to the land of the Khajiit in The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr, our newest chapter, an epic story in an all-new zone. Face dread creatures from the past—Dragons!—and discover the dark skills of a new character class, the Necromancer, as you join with new friends and old enemies to save Elsweyr from war and devastation. ESO reaches new heights of storytelling with a war against the Dragons that unfolds and builds over four quarterly releases to an unexpected climax.”

As far as the official teaser seen above, we see a mystery unfold with a magical tablet broken in disarray, a Khajiit shrouded in leather seemingly entranced with a new sight on the horizon - the cinematic may be short, but it's laced with mystery and intrigue. Pair that with the earlier leak, and this may just be the best expansion to date.


The full reveal will be going live on January 15th at 2 PM PST. The studio will be hosting yet another livestream, which can be seen right here.

I've recently made my way back into Tamriel to complete the latest expansion and The Elder Scrolls Online and it's incredible to see how much it has evolved since back when it first launched. What about you? Are you excited to see what's next in ESO's journey? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!