The Elder Scrolls Online Players Get Free Loot During QuakeCon

The Elder Scrolls Online is one of several Bethesda games that’ll be featured during next [...]

The Elder Scrolls Online is one of several Bethesda games that'll be featured during next week's QuakeCon event, and for those active in the game who plan on watching QuakeCon 2021, you'll be able to score some free loot for doing so. Bethesda announced this week that it plans to enable Twitch Drops during select QuakeCon streams which will award players with at least two known items. Special prize packages are also being given away that include Razer gear and a custom-made Xbox controller.

In a post on the site for The Elder Scrolls Online, the developers listed some of the QuakeCon festivities players should look forward to whenever the event begins on August 19th. Thursday's planned Elder Scrolls Online content will offer news about the upcoming Waking Flame DLC while panels scheduled on Friday and Saturday tackle different topics and challenges.

The full list of panels and QuakeCon events related to Elder Scrolls Online can be seen through the post linked above, and Bethesda said that all of those will be eligible for Twitch Drops. It's become common enough to see content for the game released via Twitch Drops and Twitch Prime loot, and players will be able to score some of the former while watching during QuakeCon.

You'll have to make sure your Bethesda account is appropriately linked to your Twitch account first to get the loot, but when you've taken care of that, Bethesda said it'll be giving away stuff like a Flame Atronach Wolf pet and an Ouroboros Crown Crate. It hasn't been clarified how long players have to watch the streams in order to secure their Twitch Drops.

In addition to the Twitch Drops, we'll also see giveaways conducted. Those include a special Mehrunes Dagon Xbox controller created by WeAreRobots as well as a Razer prize package that includes a gaming keyboard, a mouse and charging dock, a headset, a mouse mat, a headset stand, and a plushie.

As Bethesda said in the tweet above, the game will also be on sale during QuakeCon, so you'll be able to add it to your collection or get it on a different platform at a discount next week.