The King's Dilemma Gets a Video Game

The inventive 2019 tabletop game The King's Dilemma is coming to PCs. Big Trouble has announced The King's Dilemma: Chronicles, a digital adaptation of Horrible Guild's award-winning tabletop game. The King's Dilemma: Chronicles appears to be a single player adaptation of the popular board game with only a handful of minor differences. Players will control the Head of the Council, one of the leaders of the Kingdom of Ankist and a member of one of the kingdom's 12 noble houses. 

Each scenario will present players with a different problem to solve, with different noble houses coming down on one side or another of the debate. Each decision will impact both the storyline and the fates of the noble houses, with some noble houses growing more powerful over the course of the game even as the kingdom sits on the brink of instability. As the Head of the Council, players will have to balance the prosperity of their house with the overall health of the kingdom. Depending on your choices, players will unlock different resources that can be spent to develop new technologies or advance the goals of their house. 

Per the description of The King's Dilemma: Chronicles listed on Steam, the game will include 6 different branching storylines, with each playthough taking 3-4 hours. There will be over 300 dilemma to explore and players will also need to make preparation for an inevitable "final battle" that will occur at the end of every storyline.

The King's Dilemma: Chronicles will be released for both PC and Mac devices by the end of this year. No price is currently listed for the brand new game.