The Last of Us Deepfake Imagines Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie

In the weeks since Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey were announced to be playing Joel and Ellie in HBO's upcoming The Last of Us TV series, fans have been trying to imagine what the two actors might look like in their respective roles. While some have opted to create their own art and portraits to make these characters come to life, someone else has now made a video that helps us best visualize what the TV show could look like.

Thanks to YouTube channel stryder HD, a new deepfake video that overlays Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey's faces onto Joel and Ellie from the original The Last of Us game has now come about. The video takes some of the most memorable cutscenes from the original game and applies the facial features of both Pascal and Ramsey to the characters. Animation work has even been included so that the voices of Joel and Ellie also match up with the artificial mouth movements Pascal and Ramsey. You can see the full video attached at the top of the page.

Although it's not a perfect representation of what each character will look like in the HBO series, this really allows you to best see what the two actors might look like as Joel and Ellie. Honestly, after seeing this for myself, I have to say that HBO and PlayStation Productions did a great job with these casting choices. I had some hesitancy before, but Pascal and Ramsey really do fit these characters quite well.

The biggest downside at the moment, however, is that we don't know when we'll end up seeing The Last of Us debut on HBO. For now, the series doesn't have a tentative start date. That being said, production has definitely started to ramp up in recent months, specifically with the reveal of Pascal and Ramsey being attached to the project. If we're lucky, filming should start later this year. After that time, perhaps we'll get to see a trailer before 2021 wraps up. Until then, you can keep up with all of our future coverage of the show right here.

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