The Last of Us Episode 3's Long, Long Running Time

Sunday's The Last of Us, titled "Long Long Time," runs for a long, long time. HBO has confirmed the title and running time of episode 3, which introduces a pair of post-pandemic survivalists living alone in their own isolated town: Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett). According to the HBO schedule, the feature-length episode clocks in at 81 minutes, just shy of the 85-minute series premiere. That's considerably longer than last week's normal-sized episode 2 (56 minutes) and the upcoming episode 4 (airing February 5th) and episode 5 (February 12th).

Episode 2, "Infected," ended with — spoiler warning — an Infected-bitten Tess (Anna Torv) urging Joel (Pedro Pascal) to continue their mission of escorting Ellie (Bella Ramsey) to Bill and Frank's. "This is your chance. You get her there, you keep her alive, and you set everything right," Tess said of Ellie, whose immunity to the Cordyceps infection might be the key to saving the world.

The Last of Us Episode 3 Release Time

The Last of Us episode 3, "Long Long Time," premieres Sunday, January 29th, at 9:00 pm ET / 6:00 pm PT on HBO and HBO Max. Back-to-back-to-back encore airings will follow on HBO at 7:20 pm ET / 10:20 pm PT, 8:40 pm ET / 11:40 pm PT, and 10:00 pm ET / 1:00 am PT.

How Long Is Episode 3 of The Last of Us?

The Last of Us episode 3 runtime is 1 hour and 21 minutes.

The Last of Us Runtimes: Episodes 4 and 5

The title of episode 4 is "Please Hold My Hand" and has a running time of 50 minutes, according to HBO's schedule. Episode 5 is titled "Endure and Survive" and will run for 61 minutes. The first season consists of nine total episodes, including the first two episodes (which HBO combined into one super-sized series premiere).

The Last of Us Schedule and Episode Guide

  • Season 1 Episode 1, "When You're Lost in the Darkness" (85 minutes) – January 15th
  • Season 1, Episode 2, "Infected" (56 minutes) – January 22nd
  • Season 1 Episode 3, "Long Long Time" (81 minutes) – January 29th
  • Season 1 Episode 4, "Please Hold My Hand" (50 minutes) – February 5th
  • Season 1 Episode 5, "Endure and Survive" (runtime TBA) – February 12th
  • Season 1 Episode 6, "Kin" (TBA) – February 19th
  • Season 1 Episode 7, "Left Behind" (TBA) – February 26th
  • Season 1 Episode 8, "When We Are in Need" (TBA) – March 5th
  • Season 1 Episode 9, "TBA" (Season Finale) (TBA) – March 12th

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