The Last of Us Death: Fan-Favorite Character Makes Ultimate Sacrifice in Episode 2

The Last of Us fans were hit with yet another fairly brutal death in the second episode of the show. Anyone who has played The Last of Us games knows it's a series where pretty much no one is safe. Anyone can come and go at any time, but it's also a series that tries very hard to make you care about every single person that Joel and Ellie befriend. These are very rich characters that hold a lot of weight and importance, but they're all just as important in death as they are in life. Naturally, anyone who played the game was expecting the second episode to feature a pretty big death and it did indeed happen.

The Last of Us' second episode is all about Joel and Tess trying to get Ellie to the State House for a hand-off with the Fireflies. Ideally, they will get the loot they're promised in exchange for the kid. However, Tess begins to get a bit more invested in why they're handing Ellie over to the Fireflies as she believes Ellie's possible immunity could truly change everything. This is emphasized even more in the final minutes of the episode as they arrive at the State House and find out all of the Fireflies are already dead. Tess begins to panic, hoping there's some kind of backup plan, but Joel thinks it's a lost cause at this point and they should just go back home. However, Tess knows that's not an option.

Who Dies In The Last of Us Episode 2?

Unfortunately, Tess has been bitten and this is her final stop. She tells Joel that he needs to get Ellie to Bill and Frank instead, hoping they'll know what to do from there. He accepts this as her dying wish as a horde of Infected swarm the building. Tess douses the building in gasoline and grenades before blowing herself sky high, saving Joel and Ellie from getting overwhelmed by Infected. It's a rather unfortunate death, but it's pretty similar to what happens in the game.


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