The Last of Us Part 2 Will Make You "Question Everything"

Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Naughty Dog announced that The Last of Us Part 2 has been delayed. The delay comes as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and all the disruption it's causing. Further, making the delay even worse is the fact that there's no word of a new date. Rather, Sony has delayed the game "until further notice." That said, according to Troy Baker, the actor behind Joel (one of the game's main characters), the wait will be worth it.

According to Baker, there's a lot more to learn about his character in the sequel. Further, he believes that if he and Naughty Dog have done their job properly, everyone will question everything they know about the game, its predecessor, and the characters and world of the series.

“What we’ve done such a good job of doing [in The Last of Us 2], is to continue to peel back layers and learn more about him – I even learned more about Joel and I’m the guy that walked into [the Last of Us audition] and said 'I know the truth about Joel!' I knew his truth back then, but [after The Last of Us 2], I know even more of [Joel’s] truth. If we have done our job right, people will question everything [about The Last of Us 2]. I want [fans] to be able to challenge their own ideas about what this game is, what this world is, who the characters are — everything.”

According to Baker, he heard the final pitch for the game's story in 2016, and when he did, he was completely blown away. That said, he also suggests everyone go into the game with an open-mind.

“I want people to go in open-minded to this story, and allow Joel and Ellie to tell their story — not the story that people think that they want to be told…If people go in open-minded to this thing. I think they will have a completely different experience than if they go in close-minded... I think it was about a year after that when [Druckmann] said, 'come to my house, I want to walk you through the story.' And after about an hour he reached the end. At first, I was very diligent and taking notes, and I was like 'Yes! All that’s great, I just want to make sure of…' but by the end of it, I was silent — like I was sat at the feet of the greatest storyteller. It was an amazing story.”

Baker continued, noting that he's not sure whether people or going to love or hate the story, but he's sure it will leave a lasting impression.

“And so here we are now — I think three or four years from that moment of him first having an idea — to now being literally days away from it being released. And again we find ourselves in that same position of: I don’t know whether people are going to like it or they’re going to hate it, but they definitely will NOT be ambivalent about it.”


The Last of Us Part 2 is in development for the PS4.

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