'The Last of Us Part II' News Won't Be Shared at The Game Awards

The Last of Us Part II is one of the many games that could’ve made an appearance at The Game Awards, but the series’ developer has confirmed no news about the game will be shared during the awards show.

Naughty Dog, the creators of The Last of Us and its sequel as well as other games like the Uncharted series, said on Tuesday that it “we won’t have anything new to share from The Last of Us Part II.” The announcement came just days before the awards show where an appearance from the game and developer was still a possibility based on prior teasers. The developer said that despite there no being news to share at The Game Awards, there’s still work being done on the game with more to be revealed later.

With The Last of Us Part II being one of the more highly-anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusives that doesn’t yet have a release date, those who played the first game have been looking for more trailers or any sort of news. The Game Awards released a trailer for the awards show not long ago that showed The Last of Us Part II as one of the very first games featured in the clip, that sighting along leading many to expect there’d be some news about the game at the show. The Game Awards’ producer Geoff Keighley warned that the trailer wasn’t meant to tease anything though and was instead meant to celebrating gaming, and it looks as though he meant that with The Last of Us Part II now confirmed to not make an appearance at the show.

The Last of Us Part II isn’t the only game that won’t be making an appearance during The Game Awards. CD Projekt Red took to Twitter in the same way that Naughty Dog did to temper expectations for a Cyberpunk 2077 appearance at the show. The community lead for the developer who’s working on the game said the team was looking forward to seeing everything that’ll be revealed at the show but said they wouldn’t be showing anything themselves.

The Game Awards is scheduled to take place on December 6th at 6 p.m. PT.