The Last of Us PS5 Remake New Details Reportedly Revealed

It sounds as though the reported remake of the original The Last of Us that Naughty Dog is currently working on is going to be far more substantial than just a visual upgrade. Rather than simply boosting the original PS3 game to both run and look better on Sony's next-gen platform, it sounds as though the studio behind the project is going to be doing far more to bring back this beloved title in a new format.

According to GameReactor, the new The Last of Us remake won't contain a basic boost to the resolution, performance, and textures found within the original game. Instead, Naughty Dog is said to be truly looking to harness the "power and features" of the PlayStation 5. In addition, the game is also said to be adapted for the new engine that The Last of Us Part II utilized.

Although some of these additional features weren't explicitly spelled out, it stands to reason that Naughty Dog will absolutely look to use PS5 elements such as haptic triggers and 3D audio to improve on The Last of Us. Whether some of these features will be incorporated directly into how gameplay might work remains to be seen.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about The Last of Us being remade for PlayStation 5 comes with the game's story. Even though nothing we have heard about this project just yet indicates that Naughty Dog is going to alter the narrative in any major way, there is the possibility that the developer could always add new story elements that weren't found in the first game that released back in 2013. Whether or not the studio would want to change the story of a title that many already consider to be one of the best action-adventure games ever made is the real question.

For now, there's still nothing that we know about this The Last of Us remake in an official capacity. Sony and Naughty Dog haven't even announced the project just yet. However, as this year continues onward, perhaps that silence surrounding the game won't last much longer.


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