The Outer Worlds Nintendo Switch Port Delayed Due to the Coronavirus

The Outer Worlds has been delayed on the Nintendo Switch as the result of the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak in China. News of the delay comes way of the game's publisher, Private Division, a branch of Take-Two Interactive Entertainment, the parent company of Rockstar Games and 2K. According to the boutique publisher, the virus has impacted the team working on the port, Virtuous, and thus the team is being given more time to deliver the highly-anticipated Switch release.

Previously, the port was scheduled to arrive on March 6. Now, it's unclear when it will arrive, as Private Division has declined to provide a new date or window. What is noted is that the physical version of the game will now be on cartridge.

"We're delaying The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch due to the coronavirus impacting the Virtuos team working on the port, to provide them enough time to finish development," writes Private Division on Twitter. "We'll now be releasing the physical version on cartridge. Once we have a new launch date, we'll let you know!"

The Outer Worlds is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Debuting last October, it's widely considered one of the best games of 2019. Below, you can read more about why it's so adored, courtesy of our official review of the spacefaring RPG:


"The Outer Worlds is basically everything I want out of a modern role-playing game," reads the opening of our review. "The writing is clever, the world is interesting, and the mechanics reinforce the fantastical plot of being a long-lost colonist that's been recently awoken in order to help every other colonist from that doomed mission rediscover their own future. In many ways, however, it can sometimes feel like a blast from the past in much the same way as the protagonist."