The Walking Dead Characters Are Coming to Rogue Company

Rogue Company creators Hi-Rez Studios and First Watch Games announced this week that The Walking Dead characters would be coming to the free-to-play game soon. These characters will be added via skins that turn different Rogues – the playable characters in Rogue Company – into Rick, Michonne, and Negan. Three core skins will be added to the game along with additional cosmetics to round out the one-way collaboration.

Our first look at the crossover that brings The Walking Dead into Rogue Company was revealed in a teaser trailer that showed Rick, Michonne, and Negan from what's mostly a cinematic perspective but also includes some gameplay mixed in, too. Rick is a skin for Dallas, Michonne is a skin for Lancer, and Negan's outfit is for Dima.

While the comic-styled skins shown in the trailer will be the three main ones for each of the characters from The Walking Dead, you'll notice that there are some additional black and white skins shown, too. These are considered the "classic" looks for the character outfits and will be available too. They'll naturally be Tier 5 outfits which means they'll be the "highest quality" ones, and we'll also see other cosmetics added like a wingsuit.

As for prices, bundles, and things like that, we don't yet know how these different cosmetics will be sold and for how much. Hi-Rez did announce though that these cosmetics from The Walking Dead will be on sale on October 18th. An update for Rogue Company will be released at the same time.

While we've already seen this cinematic preview of the skins coming to the game, we'll apparently get to see more of them soon ahead of their release. The Rogue Company Twitter account said on Tuesday that those interested in seeing more of the next crossover will want to tune in on Thursday at 3 p.m. to a special preview.


The Walking Dead's characters will come to Rogue Company on October 18th, so expect to see more about this crossover between now and then.