The Witcher Remake Release Window Detailed by CD Projekt

CD Projekt has shed more light on when its newly-announced remake of the original The Witcher will be releasing. When first unveiled just a little over a month ago, CD Projekt didn't have much to say about The Witcher Remake. Outside of confirming the title's codename (Canis Majoris) and revealing that Fool's Theory would be the studio behind the project, not much else was given about this new version of the classic RPG. Fortunately, thanks to some new information that has now come about, we have a better idea of when to expect The Witcher Remake.

In a new conversation with investors, CD Projekt CEO Adam Kiciński confirmed that The Witcher Remake wouldn't launch until after the next mainline entry in The Witcher series has arrived. While The Witcher Remake is one major project tied to the franchise, it's not the only one, as CD Projekt Red is also working on The Witcher 4 (formally codenamed Polaris) at this moment. Even though it could have made sense for The Witcher Remake to come about before The Witcher 4 as a way of bridging the gap to the next major installment, Kiciński said that much of the technology being used in Polaris is also going to be seen in Remake

"Coming back to The Witcher Remake and when it will come. Yes, it will come after Polaris, which is a consequence of how we think about this project," Kiciński explained. "I think The Witcher Remake will be based in big part on technologies from Polaris, so it will be developed partially in parallel to Polaris. But once Polaris is launched, everything for Polaris will be then in the final shape, and it will be partially reused in the remake."  

Essentially, it's hard to pinpoint just when all of these future Witcher games might arrive. CD Projekt has made it pretty clear that these projects are still quite early in development, which means arrivals in 2023 or even 2024 seem completely out of the question. If we're lucky, more details on this front will come about in the months ahead. For now, you should simply prepare yourself to wait quite a long time for The Witcher Remake

Are you excited by CD Projekt's future plans for The Witcher? And when do you think that both The Witcher Remake and The Witcher 4 will end up releasing? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.


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