The Witcher Author Provides Update on New Books

The author of The Witcher series of novels still has plans to explore the Continent in the future. Andrzej Sapkowski, the author of The Last Wish and subsequent novels focusing on Geralt of Rivia, provided a brief update about the potential of more Witcher novels."They are in the plans," Sapkowski told the Polish publication Dzieje at the Taipei International Book Exhibition this week. However, he declined to provide any additional elaboration about the plot of any new stories. 

Geralt's story definitively ended in The Lady of the Lake, although a subsequent novel was released in 2013 that focused on some of Geralt's earlier adventures. Sapkowski has previously stated that he had no interest in continuing Geralt's story past The Lady of the Lake, but that he would consider writing additional prequels or sidequels about his famed monster hunter. 

Of course, The Witcher has exploded in popularity since Sapkowski last visited the Continent, with The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt becoming one of the best-selling video games of all time and Netflix launched a live-action series that became one of the streamer's biggest hits. Netflix even hoped to turn The Witcher into a major franchise with multiple spin-offs, although that was put into doubt after dismal reviews of The Witcher: Blood Origin and star Henry Cavill's unexpected departure from The Witcher. 

While it could be a while before fans see another Sapkowski novel, we'll still have some more new Witcher content to enjoy soon. The third season of The Witcher comes out this summer, while CD Projekt Red has confirmed they are working on a fourth Witcher video game, which will kick off a new trilogy of games. A remake of the original Witcher game is also be worked on.