'The Witcher' Netflix Series Gets a Release Window, Official Synoposis

Progress continues to be made on the highly anticipated Netflix series The Witcher based off of the novels that inspired CD Projekt RED's The Witcher. With the author of the books, Andrzej Sapkowski, on board as creative, and the show's writer Lauren S. Hissrich continuing to share her contagious excitement with all, it's time to get cracking.

Now that Man of Steel's Henry Cavill has officially been cast as Geralt of Rivia, we know the ball has official begun to roll. Even better? We now have a release window, something haven't had until now.

With a tagline of "The Witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts," we can't help but to be completely stoked about the new info!

Now we just need confirmation of Mark Hamill playing Vesemir - like he mentioned he wanted to - and all will be right with the world. Besides, Hissrich has proven she knows how to work within the Netflix medium and she's got an amazing team backing her up.

As far as the Showrunner herself, Hissrich took to her Twitter account back in June to pretty much go all out on the latest inside look into the new series based on our beloved Geralt of Rivia. "Let's talk casting. Yes, I said the magic word! Casting is starting soon, and no, I can't tell you who our top picks are so don't ask. But. There is something very important you need to know," she starts out in what became quite the lengthy expose!

Here's a recap of all of the new information we learned from the showrunner herself:

"Normally, when casting a show, the casting director pulls character-specific scenes from the pilot script for actors' auditions. However, because we're casting internationally (which means lots of emails and self-tapes) and because we know by now the internet keeps no secrets," she began, "the writing staff has instead created entirely new scenes for our main characters. These are written to illustrate the precise tone, vibe, depth, and emotional resonance we need from Geralt and friends... but voila! They are spoiler-free, for us and for you."

She continued, "Which means if you start seeing Witcher scenes floating around the internet in the coming weeks -- yes, they're probably real! But no, they won't give anything away as to the stories we're telling, or the ways we're telling them. You're safe. For now. And hells yes, his name is Jaskier."

Not going to lie, this is pretty exciting. Hissrich has done nothing to tamper down her excitement for the project and it really does seem like it's in the perfect hands. She's passionate, knowledgeable, and willing to listen to both the creator and the fans themselves. Hopefully that enthusiasm carries over and we can explore some of our favourite characters in an all new way!


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