The Witcher Releasing New Footage At MCM Comic Con

Netflix and MCM Comic Con have confirmed that new footage of The Witcher will be released later this month during MCM Comic Con on October 27. What the new footage will be of, and how much of it there will be, wasn't divulged, but we know it will accompany a special panel featuring the show's showrunner Lauren Hissrich and Freya Allan, the young actress playing Ciri in the TV adaptation. The official announcement also teases that viewers will go "behind-the-scenes" of the show. So it's possible the new footage will be more geared towards offering a behind-the-scenes look at the show, but this could simply be referring to the panel itself and not the new footage.

At the moment of publishing, it's unclear if the footage will be made available online or be exclusive to panel attendees. As you may know, at San Diego Comic Con earlier this year, the show's first trailer was revealed during a panel, but was quickly released online. So, presumably, if the new footage is substantial, the same will happen here. Of course, there's a decent chance the footage won't be that noteworthy given that a new trailer is set to premier only a few days later. In fact, this new footage could very well be a teaser for the new trailer.

Whatever the case, we're getting new footage of the Netflix series soon, which will be our first footage of the show since this summer. As you may know, the show is still currently scheduled to release sometime in late 2019. This window still hasn't officially been narrowed, but there have been reports and rumors suggesting the adaptation will hit in December.


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