The Witcher Season 2: Henry Cavill Opens Up About Scary Set Injury

Back in December 2020, during the filming of The Witcher Season 2, Henry Cavill, who plays protagonist Geralt of Rivia, tore his hamstring. Depending on the severity of the tear, a torn hamstring isn't too scary of an injury. The thing is though is it was a really bad tear and for a man who stars in action movies and does many of his own stunts, a bad hamstring tear can be a career changer. 

During a recent interview, showrunner Lauren Hissrich revealed that it happened during a scene where Cavill was sprinting in the woods. "I remember Henry stopping up short and all of us going, 'Did he trip? Was there a rock?' " said Hissrich. "I went to his trailer and he said he was in a great amount of pain."

"It was a very, very bad tear, and I was very lucky that it wasn't a complete detachment of the hamstring," added Cavill, who had to continue to work whilst recovering, which of course, is far from ideal or even advisable. 

"The difficulty was working while I was injured," continued Cavill. "Because I wanted to do more for the production – I know how important it was for them to get stuff done. So it was having to find that balance between, 'Yes, let's push, push, push,' and, 'Whoa, hold on, if I tear this further, it's the end of my action career.' That was my worst moment of the past year – professionally."

Interestingly, while Cavill was more than down to work through the pain and potentially hinder his recovery process, he does draw lines. One of these lines involves nudity, which he would only be down for under specific circumstances. 

"It would have to be particular, it would have to be specific to the storytelling," said Cavill. "I would say there's not the space for it."

The Witcher Season 2 is set to release, via Netflix, on December 17, or in other words, exactly a month from now. For more coverage on The Witcher -- including all of the latest news, all of the latest rumors and leaks, and all of the latest speculation -- click here.