There's a Hidden NES Golf Game on Every Nintendo Switch

The latest Nintendo console didn't leave behind its roots. For Switch owners, every platform houses a built-in NES emulator to revisit old classics (in due time) but it appears that the team over at the Big N were very crafty with some of their coding.

There was an emulator discovered by the name of "Flog" and it turns out, it was actually the NES version of Golf, which is "Flog" backwards. See? Sneaky! The NES game itself is a teeny 24 kilobyte-sized throwback. Crack a cold one open with the boys and play a 2 player match with the fully functional Joy-Con support ... that is, if you work at Nintendo.

Even though there is technically a fully functional emulator on the Nintendo Switch console with the original black box games, it's a very well-kept secret because the only ones currently that can access it are the good folks at Nintendo themselves. With the long-awaited Virtual Console announcement still on the horizon, the anticipation continues to rise for those looking to play old favourites on the updated system.

The untapped Golf game can technically utilise the Joy-Con controllers as well as the motion sensor technology - which is great! For those that can play it. Until the Virtual Console officially drops, or Nintendo decides to unlock the emulator capabilities for another reason, the Golf title will remain a very visible mystery. has reached out to Nintendo for any sort of information on this find and what it means for the future, so stick with us as this story develops.


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