This Grand Theft Auto V Stunt Run Is Stupidly Stupendous

We've seen more than our fair share of ridiculous stunt runs in Grand Theft Auto V, whether it's someone skydiving off of a building without a parachute and somehow surviving, or another player taking part in a crazy car race where they flips over like 90 times and, again, somehow survives. But a new one has emerged that's the stuff of legend, if only because we could try doing it a million times and still not be anywhere as close as this player.

In the clip, the player starts out by riding a jet-powered motorcycle down the street, but it isn't long before they take to the sky, revving up alongside a building as they start to build up some altitude. Once they reach maximum height, they start to fall down the side of the building, only for the jets to turn on and them reaching a medium height again.

That's just the beginning. The stunt biker rider then makes their way down an aisleway of smaller buildings, with a big clock tower in the middle of it. The player then rides through the tower, with its minimal amount of space, without a scratch. They then go downward into a tunnel, barely missing a couple of pylons, before flying back into the air.

Oh, we're still not done. Midway in the sky, the player abandons the jet bike, letting it fly off as they open up a wingsuit. They then proceed back to the clock tower with the wingsuit and fly through the exact same space, again, without a scratch, and then open up a parachute on the other side.

They then float down to the Earth, landing safely on the ground. The player then gestures with a pair of finger guns to celebrate their incredible yet short run through the world of GTA.

You can watch the GIF above, and be prepared for amazingness. Seriously, just try and copy what this player did, and chances are you might not even come close. It's fun to try, though – even if you might have a painful collision. Ouch.

Grand Theft Auto V is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, as well as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.




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