Tomb Raider 2 Release Date Delayed Indefinitely

It looks like Tomb Raider 2 isn't swinging into theaters anytime soon. On Tuesday, MGM announced [...]

It looks like Tomb Raider 2 isn't swinging into theaters anytime soon. On Tuesday, MGM announced its latest release date changes, as theaters continue to be closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the announcements is news that the Tomb Raider sequel, which was initially set to debut in March 19, 2021, has now been delayed indefinitely. The studio has also delayed its Aretha Franklin biopic Respect from January 15, 2021 to August 13, 2021.

A lot is still unknown about Tomb Raider 2, outside of the fact that it will feature the return of Alicia Vikander as Laura Croft. Ben Wheatley, who directed Netflix's recent adaptation of Rebecca, is poised to direct.

"The plan was for us to start making one this year, of course due to the [pandemic] situation, that's now very different," Vikander said in a recent interview. "We're still in discussions about it, so I hope we can probably get to it next year."

Amy Jump is writing the script for the film while Graham King is producing the movie under the GK Films banner. Wheatley is known for his work on films like Kill List and Free Fire, projects that he worked on with Jump. Wheatley will be taking over directing duties from Roar Uthaug, who helmed the original Tomb Raider.

2018's Tomb Raider was met with a mixed critical and fan response, but ultimately brought in a revenue of $274 million. Details have indicated that the sequel will combine the plots of the video games Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

"I think it's a wonderful character that has been with us for like 22 years," Vikander previously said of playing the character. "She's become a great role model and I love the fact that she's been able to take such a big place as a female character in the gaming world and in cinema. I think there's definitely room for this character to evolve, and it felt like it came out in '96, and I think it reflects a strong woman with the same kind of essence still as a smart, very curious, feisty, vulnerable woman. It's almost like she has changed due to how society has changed, she has become more a woman of now, of the time."

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