Tomb Raider’s Latest TV Spot Will Prepare You For Adventure

A few days ago, we reported on a new trailer for Tomb Raider, the latest big-screen adaptation of [...]

A few days ago, we reported on a new trailer for Tomb Raider, the latest big-screen adaptation of Lara Croft's adventure series. Featuring Alicia Vikander in the lead role, the trailer set up a great new "survivor" theme, as Lara finds herself facing off against dangerous adversaries with a deadly agenda.

Now, to keep that adventurous theme going, Warner Bros. has debuted a new TV spot dubbed – what else – "adventure", which can be seen above. It features some footage that debuted in the previous trailer, but there's also some new stuff sprinkled in there, including more of Daniel Wu from Into the Badlands. For that matter, another alumni from that show, Nick Frost, also returns, lending a hand to Lara as she goes looking for some weaponry.

The trailer is on the brief side – it runs around 30 seconds, like most TV spots – but it effectively gives you an idea of what kind of action awaits you in the film, with hints at a number of scenes, including Lara deciphering a mysterious puzzle; the heroine making a dramatic escape from a ship being overcome with water; Lara escaping a dangerous spike-covered trap by sliding underneath it; getting into fisticuffs with an enemy soldier; parachuting out of harm's way and running into some trees (a hint of a sequence included in the 2013 Tomb Raider game); and a bit more.

We also get another look at Walter Goggins, who portrays the main villain in the movie. He seems to have some sort of history with Lara's father, which compels her to find out the truth over the course of her journey – no matter what kind of trouble comes her way.

The trailer is getting some pretty good buzz thus far, more than the initial trailer did when it debuted last year, and it really gives you an idea of just what Vikander is doing with the role, as well as the other characters that are involved. This is one video game-to-film adaptation that has a great deal of promise behind it.

We'll see how the movie fares when Tomb Raider debuts in theaters on March 16th.