Tony Hawk No Longer Working With Activision, Pro Skater Series May Be Dead

While Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater got off to the right foot on the PlayStation – and continued to [...]

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

While Tony Hawk's Pro Skater got off to the right foot on the PlayStation – and continued to keep up momentum over the years with stellar sequels – it hasn't exactly been riding smooth over the past few years.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD effectively brought back the franchise (after two miserable motion-based games for the Wii, Shred and Ride), but then it stopped yet again when Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 failed to bring back its momentum. (That's what you get when you don't let Neversoft handle development, Activision.)

With that, the writing may be on the wall for the iconic skateboarding series, which generated big-time revenue for Activision during the PlayStation/PlayStation 2 era. And if that wasn't enough, it appears that Tony Hawk, the man who helped inspire the series, isn't working with the company any more. At all.

Hawk took to Twitter this afternoon to address the situation, after some fans apparently notified him about dead servers in previous games, while also asking him about a potential return to greatness for the series. But it's not happening, folks.

"To anyone asking me to 'remaster' old games, or complaining about THPS servers being down: Activision owns the THPS license but I am no longer working with them," he explained. "If I had the skills/authority to reboot servers or code games for newer systems on my own, I would be happy to…"

Activision hasn't said a word about the franchise since Pro Skater 5's weak performance on the market, so the writing may be on the wall with this one. So cherish those older games while you can, fans, because that may be pretty much all you're getting.

Shame, though, as those games really put skateboarding on the map in our universe, especially with putting together combos and enjoying a skate-around with the likes of Wolverine and Spider-Man.

Don't be too sad, though, skateboarding fans.. Session is still in the works, and we're hearing that Skate 4 might be happening after all. Imagine if EA was able to get Hawk on board for that.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.