Twisted Metal PS5 Developer Reportedly Revealed

A new report has seemingly revealed the studio that is now working on the PlayStation 5 reboot of the Twisted Metal series. Within the past few months, a number of different reports have emerged suggesting that various companies had been tapped by Sony to bring back Twisted Metal. Initially, Lucid Games, which is the developer behind Destruction AllStars, was thought to be the one working on the project, but within recent days, that was said to have changed. Now, we have learned that Sony has instead handed development off to another internal studio that the publisher has only acquired within the past year. 

According to VGC, Firesprite is the new studio that is now working on the latest Twisted Metal game for PS5. For those who potentially forgot, Firesprite was only just acquired by Sony last September, meaning that this is one of the first major titles that the company will seemingly work on as part of PlayStation Studios

And while this news might be upsetting for those at Lucid Games, it looks like it might not be all bad. The report goes on to state that some developers from Lucid have seemingly moved to Firesprite to continue working on Twisted Metal. Specifically, Matt Southern, who has previously served as the director of multiple Motorstorm games, is one of these people who was noticed to have recently transitioned from Lucid to Firesprite. Whether or not a number of other developers will make this transition isn't currently known, but both studios do happen to be geographically located near one another, meaning that such a swap would be feasible for many. 

For now, we don't know exactly when this new Twisted Metal installment could arrive, but PlayStation seemingly wants the project to line up with the forthcoming TV series based on the property that is also in development. And while that TV show also doesn't have a set launch date just yet, 2023 seems to be the release window that Sony is working toward at the moment. 

How do you feel about Firesprite being the new developer of the PS5 Twisted Metal game? And do you think that this revival will live up to past entries in the series? Let me know down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.