Twisted Metal Reboot Reportedly Swaps Developers

It was reported last year that a revival of the Twisted Metal franchise was in the works at Destruction AllStars developer Lucid Games. Rumors of a new Twisted Metal title have been pervasive over the years, but the fact is that there is definitely a Twisted Metal TV series is in the works from Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions with Anthony Mackie as the lead. Releasing a new video game in the franchise makes a lot of sense, but according to a new report, the Twisted Metal reboot has now swapped developers.

According to VGC, which cites unnamed sources, Sony has decided to move away from whatever Lucid Games was working on to instead develop a new Twisted Metal video game at "one of its first-party studios in Europe." No specific developer was revealed in the report, but it is notable that Lucid Games has apparently ceased development on its project.

The report states that the plan still seems to be to release a new installment in the series to coincide with the upcoming TV series in 2023 and early work has already begun at whatever new developer. As for why it swapped from Lucid Games, the report does not say, but speculation seems to be the reception of Lucid Games' Destruction AllStars upon release.

Destruction AllStars has all the hallmarks of a Twisted Metal interpretation with its vehicular combat and mayhem, but the title was not received particularly well critically or commercially. This is despite the fact that PlayStation Plus subscribers could grab the PlayStation 5 title for free over the course of two months.

As of right now, a new Twisted Metal video game has yet to be officially announced at all. In terms of official Twisted Metal news, the aforementioned live-action TV show is currently in the works from Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions. Anthony Mackie stars in the lead role as John Doe. The current expectation is that it will release in 2023 at the earliest. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the Twisted Metal franchise for yourself right here.

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