Twisted Metal Reboot on PS5 Could Be Free-to-Play

Earlier this week, a new report surfaced indicating that developer Lucid Games, who previously released Destruction All Stars on PlayStation 5, will now serve as the studio behind a reboot of the classic PlayStation franchise Twisted Metal. And while this news came as a big surprise to many fans, perhaps the most surprising aspect of this report is that the upcoming Twisted Metal title won't actually require players to have to pay money for it.

Yes, according to VGC, Lucid Games' upcoming Twisted Metal project is going to potentially be free-to-play. PlayStation is said to be interested in the model after it released Destruction All Stars via PlayStation Plus for a limited time to coincide with the game's launch earlier this year. When Destruction All Stars first arrived in this manner, the game had a consistent audience of new players looking to jump in and experience the title. Since leaving PS Plus, however, the game's notoriety has started to dip, and the larger player base has started to dwindle over the months. 

The idea that a new Twisted Metal game would look to try out the free-to-play format makes sense not only when accounting for the previous track record with Destruction All Stars, but also when looking at the sales that the franchise has accrued in the past. While Twisted Metal has always been a series adored by hardcore PlayStation fans, it has never been one that sells millions of copies. In fact, the most recent entry in the franchise, which was 2012's Twisted Metal on PlayStation 3, failed to find a major audience after it launched. Even though this could have been in part because the game wasn't critically all that well-received, it stands as proof that a return from Twisted Metal on PS5 might need to explore other means of releasing.


How do you feel about the idea of a new Twisted Metal game being free-to-play? And what would you hope to see in a general sense from this rebooted entry for PS5? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.