Twitch Launches "Bounty Board" System to Connect Streamers and Sponsors

Twitch now has a new “Bounty Board” system in place that connects streamers and sponsors to [...]

Twitch now has a new "Bounty Board" system in place that connects streamers and sponsors to play content creators for streaming certain games.

The Bounty Board feature is currently in its beta version and is only open to Twitch Partners in the U.S. during this time, but it looks to be a promising way to become affiliated with certain sponsors. All you have to do is check the Bounty Board for the different "bounties" available and fulfil the requirements to earn your payment.

"Bounty Board is a way for creators to browse and accept paid sponsorship opportunities (AKA bounties) directly from their Twitch dashboard," the Bounty Board FAQ explained. "With Bounty Board, Twitch handles the relationship with the brand and finds sponsorship opportunities for you. Twitch will also handle your payments, so you can concentrate on streaming and growing your community."

The images below give examples of the different types of bounties that streamers may encounter. During this beta phase, the bounties task players with streaming certain games for an hour, but as you can see from the Call of Duty: WWII image, you can't just coast your way through it. You'll have to maintain your typical concurrent viewer count throughout the stream or else you won't receive the full payment.

Twitch Bounty Board
(Photo: Twitch)
Twitch Bounty
(Photo: Twitch)

Twitch also shared some general guidelines for using the Bounty Board, one of the most important ones being the distinction between constructive criticism of a brand and needlessly tearing it apart.

General Guidelines

  • No needless bad-mouthing. You can share your authentic opinion of the content, even if it's not entirely positive. However, be mindful of the difference between constructive feedback, which is welcome, and mean-spirited bashing, which is not.
  • We'll use the stream title, game, and Past Broadcast to verify bounty completion. Update your stream title to include #sponsored, stream under the correct game, and have "Store Past Broadcasts" on in your Channel Settings. Otherwise, you can't get paid.
  • We require you to disclose your bounties to viewers. In addition to including #sponsored in your stream title, make sure that your viewers are aware that your bounties are sponsored content.
  • Payouts are based on concurrent viewer requirements. You will receive the full payout for meeting the concurrent viewership requirement, while receiving a partial payout if you don't meet the requirement.

Eligible streamers who have access to the program will find the feature in their Dashboard. The Bounty Board system is only limited to those streaming games at the moment and is not available for Creative or IRL content creators, though there are plans to expand it in the future as outlined in the full FAQ here.