Twitch Is Struggling After Fortnite's Galactus Event

Fortnite players turned to Twitch once again this week to take part in the game’s epic end-of-season Galactus event whether they streamed the game themselves or spectated someone else taking part in the event. As one might expect from an event of this size which Epic Games and players touted as one of the biggest events to happen in Fortnite, the streaming platform had some trouble handling the influx of people. Those watching the event were thankfully able to have a smooth experience for the most part, however, and Twitch is aware of the problems affecting the platform right now.

The Twitch support account on Twitter tweeted about the issues affecting the platform as it routinely does whenever things go wrong. This time, the tweet came right around the time that the event was well underway. While the tweet didn’t specifically mention the Fortnite event, it’s not hard to put one and one together to imagine what might’ve caused problems with services as basic as logging onto Twitch.

Twitch Support added that more information would come shortly whenever it’s available, and considering how the event is now over, those sorts of problems shouldn’t be affecting the platform for much longer. In fact, players have been forced off of Fortnite, so the problems should alleviate themselves rather quickly.

The downtime for Fortnite has literally made the game unplayable until Season 5 starts, so players will have no choice but to do something different until the next season is underway. A similar occurrence happened when “The End” took place last year and took down Fortnite for some time while maintenance was conducted.


What’s to come in Season 5 remains to be seen, but it’s looking more likely than ever that it’s going to include at least some cosmetics from The Mandalorian. Other teases have emerged already as well to hint at what might happen, but it’s still pretty early to imagine what Season 5 will look like.

Expect more updates to come from Twitch soon as the issues are resolved.