Twitch Streamer Sanchovies Addresses Indefinite Ban

Twitch streamer Sanchovies has released a new statement after being indefinitely banned from the popular streaming platform. This past week Sanchovies, who most often streams League of Legends on Twitch, received his first-ever ban from the site. As such, it seemed like his time away from the platform would be a short one. Unfortunately, based on a new statement that Sanchovies has since released, it sounds like this ban is going to last longer than expected. 

Released via his Twitter account this weekend, Sanchovies shed more light on his current ban from Twitch. In short, he explained that the reason for his ban was the result of him jokingly saying that he wanted to bomb his internet service provider after he experienced some connection issues while streaming. Despite joking, saying this whatsoever broke Twitch's rules of service, which led to Sanchovies being banned for a period of time that hasn't been determined yet. 

In light of this situation, Sanchovies expressed his remorse for the situation (and his later actions on Twitter) and said that he would just like to receive another chance from those in power at Twitch. "Again, this is the first time I get banned at all on Twitch, so I am now experiencing what it's like not being able to connect with all of the amazing people I was lucky enough to meet with on a daily basis. And it is awful," Sanchovies said in his post. "The past few months have been very hard for me, but I need to learn to control my emotions better and be careful with the things that I say. And I definitely have learned my lesson. I am really, really sorry, and hope I will be given a second chance."

For now, it remains to be seen what Twitch will opt to do with Sanchovies and his ban. Given how Twitch has acted in the past with bans of this nature, it seems likely that Sanchovies will be allowed to return to the platform at some point. Whether that return ends up happening any time soon, though, is what we'll have to wait and see.