People Are Obsessed With This Stop Sign Twitch Livestream Where Nobody Stops

Twitch may have made its name through gaming, but the service has expanded far beyond that initial concept, and viewers can find a lot of interesting things to watch. The latest example is Stopsigncam, a channel that recently exploded in popularity. The channel's premise is simple enough: a camera has been placed overlooking a specific stop sign. For whatever reason, drivers in the area apparently hate stopping. Part of the reason that the channel has proven so addicting is because it's basically a game waiting to see who actually stops! As of this writing, the channel has more than 240,000 subscribers in total.

The channel might seem like a strange concept, but it's easy to see the appeal. There's something soothing about watching traffic go by. Of course, it's also a blast to watch and predict which cars will actually stop, which ones will slow down, and which ones will just keep going. There's no sound to the stream. There are also several rules for the chat. That includes no use of swear words, no religious discussion, no politics, no hate speech, etc. During the stream, one viewer asked whether or not others wanted to see a car wreck, to which another poster replied "no, we're just vibin my guy. not wishing for that here."

For those looking for a bit more of an interactive experience, the chat also has a competitive aspect. Viewers can earn points by pointing out things they see during the stream. These include "stoppers," "rollers," and more. The page has a leaderboard with current and all-time high scores. The channel also has a YouTube page for highlights (just one video has been posted, thus far), a Discord, and a StopSignMC Minecraft server.

It remains to be seen whether or not the channel will continue to increase in popularity, but there's a lot to be enjoyed here. Stopsigncam is a really peaceful experience, and one that viewers of all-ages can enjoy thanks to the chat's policies and good-natured community. As Twitch viewers look for relaxing ways to spend time on the site, it seems like there's no better option than Stopsigncam. Those interested in watching the channel can find it right here.

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