Twitch Streamer Suspended Indefinitely Over Coronavirus Comment

Twitch streamer Kaceytron has been banned indefinitely from the streaming platform after making what the streamer called an "insensitive comment." The comment had to do with the coronavirus and saw the streamer joking that she'd try to spread the coronavirus as much as possible if the contracted it because "the world would be a better place without old and poor people," according to a clip of the stream that's now been deleted from Twitch but not before being preserved online. The streamer has since commented on the ban and admitted the joke was in "poor taste" and asked her audience to remain "calm and rational."

Kaceytron addressed her followers about the ban this week and shared some comments on the situation via Twitter where she posted the message received from Twitch that detailed the punishment. The reason for the ban was "engaging in hateful conduct and threats of violence against a person or group of people" which, joke or not, would certainly encompass what was said by Kaceytron.

The streamer followed up the statement by explaining where the clip came from and how it ended up on one of the Livestream Fails threads. She said it was "obviously a joke but that doesn't excuse it." While the message included in the first tweet said the ban was indefinite, she said in a follow-up tweet that the ban was permanent.

With the streamer now banned, Kaceytron's channel currently doesn't have any videos or clips up for viewing. The incriminating clip in question has also been removed from Twitch, but not before being reuploaded online. The clip here the context for the comment and shows what was said.


Twitch streamers have returned to the platform in the past after being banned for various amounts of time for their policy violations. Like many other companies Twitch doesn't really discuss the details of bans on individuals who stream through its platform, so it's unclear when or if Kaceytron will be returning to stream on Twitch later.