Twitch Streamer Trainwrecks Defends Gambling Streams, Advises Others Not to Gamble

Twitch streamer Tyler “Trainwrecks” Niknam has become known for his gambling streams, and more [...]

Twitch streamer Tyler "Trainwrecks" Niknam has become known for his gambling streams, and more than once, those streams have come under fire from various criticisms from viewers and other Twitch users alike. In response to some of the recent discussions about the on-screen gambling, Trainwrecks defended the way he goes about his gambling and said just as he has in the past that he doesn't recommend other people gamble the way he does.

The Twitch streamer took to Twitter to address some of the conversations about his gambling that have been going on recently. Comparing himself to other unnamed streamers who gamble on their streams, Trainwrecks said he gambles "more off stream than on" and that he uses and shows actual gambling balances and not inflated balances or money that isn't his own. Offering a more pointed look at the way he said others go about gambling, he said some other streamers don't gamble with their own money and cater to younger audiences instead.

While anyone can of course hop into one of his streams to watch him gamble, Trainwrecks does set 18+ warnings on his stream. He closed his Twitter comments by saying that the way he goes about gambling is "the most authentic & transparent" presentation of the pastime that people will see on Twitch and that he gambles in every game because he loves it.

Others shared videos of Trainwrecks discussing gambling in the past where he again advised others not to get started in gambling and to instead watch him for the entertainment value without the risk. He cautioned about the risks of losing money in gambling and getting behind to the point that even if you score a big win, you'll still either be behind where you started or will be left wanting more.

You can catch some of Trainwrecks' past and future gambling streams through his Twitch channel.