Twitter Says it Plans to Hold Elon Musk "Accountable" In Upcoming Lawsuit

Twitter has reaffirmed its plans to sue Elon Musk in a new company-wide memo, noting it will hold the billionaire "accountable". The social media platform announced it would be taking Elon Musk to court after the Tesla CEO backed out of a deal to acquire the company for over $40 billion. Musk cited "material breach of multiple provisions of the agreement", but hasn't specified what exactly that means. Musk was probing Twitter for how many bots and fake accounts are on the platform, but never confirmed whether or not Twitter was able to verify the amount of these accounts on the platform. With that said, Twitter plans to sue Elon Musk and make him hold up his end of the deal.

In a new company-wide memo, Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal addressed employees about the lawsuit and noted that it was important for them to steer clear of any distracting speculation and analysis about what is happening. Agrawal also noted that it has a strong belief that it will "prove" its position in court and prevail while holding Elon Musk fully accountable. As of right now, Twitter is asking for an expedited trial in September, but told its team that it can't predict the duration of the trial.

"We took this opportunity to tell our story and defend our company, our people, and our stockholders," said Agrawal in a part of the memo. "We plan to hold the buyer fully accountable to fulfill his contractual obligations. We will prove our position in court and we believe we will prevail."  

As of right now, it remains to be seen how things will play out. There's a lot of speculation with regards to how Elon Musk will be held accountable. After all, if he doesn't want to own Twitter and is forced to own it, it calls into question what he would do with it. As of right now, nothing has been decided and it will likely be a while before we get a final decision.

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