Ubisoft Staff Member Reportedly Fired Over PewDiePie Comments (UPDATE: Not Fired)

UPDATE: Dianna has NOT been fired. You can read a statement from the employee here.ORIGINAL STORY: [...]

UPDATE: Dianna has NOT been fired. You can read a statement from the employee here.

ORIGINAL STORY: YouTube streamer PewDiePie has created his fair share of controversy over the past few years. But one particular incident may have just cost an Ubisoft employee her job.


The situation started a few days ago, when Dianna Lora, who was a member of Massive Entertainment (the team behind the upcoming The Division 2), sent out a tweet addressing the streamer's controversial comments supporting a channel that publishes anti-semitic content earlier this month.

In her tweet, Lora noted, "Enough is enough. Gaming industry: I'm going to need you to end this dude. You know EXACTLY who you are. Cut ties with him...NOW."

But some die-hard PewDiePie fans took this very personally, even going as far as calling to boycott Ubisoft games such as The Division 2. And now a new report suggests that Lora may have lost her job as a result.

Per this report from SegmentNext, a YouTuber by the name of TheQuartering has suggested that, per what he was told by Ubisoft employees, Lora is no longer employed by the company.

And upon taking a look at her profile on Twitter (which has since gone into "Protected" mode), there's no mention of Ubisoft or Massive Entertainment on the account.

She did note on her Twitter profile, "thoughts and opinions are my own," so these changes may suggest one of two things.

One, she either spoke with her employer and removed any mention of the incident; or two, she did get let go.

Lora hasn't said anything following what took place; and we're currently awaiting response from Ubisoft on the matter, as they haven't yet responded on the matter. So take this story with a grain of salt until something is made final.

That said, opinions over this matter are fixed. PewDiePie fans are considering this a victory, while some Ubisoft fans are outraged that Lora may have lost her job, "caving in to the GamerGaters" as they've been saying.

We'll see if any response comes to this matter this week. But it appears that the battle between PewDiePie's fans and critics is far from over.

(Tip of the hat to SegmentNext for the details.)