Uncharted Creator Is Working on a New Action-Adventure Game

One of the creative minds behind PlayStation's Uncharted franchise is working on an all-new [...]

One of the creative minds behind PlayStation's Uncharted franchise is working on an all-new action-adventure game. Specifically, that developer is Amy Hennig, who previously worked at Naughty Dog and served as a writer and director on the first three installments in the Uncharted series. While Hennig hasn't released a new game in quite some time (for reasons outside of her control) this should be her first foray back into game development after taking some time off.

News of Hennig's involvement with a new project was revealed by Todd Stashwick, who is a fellow video game writer working with the Uncharted director on this latest venture. Previously, Hennig and Stashwick worked together at Electronic Arts where they were creating a Star Wars title at Visceral Games. Unfortunately, Hennig's work on that game met its demise when EA made the sudden decision to shut down Visceral Games as a whole.

This new title from Hennig and Stashwick is currently being worked on at Skydance by a "core team of industry vets." Hennig herself joined Skydance back in late 2019 and said at the time that she would be creating new experiences that centered around a driving storyline. Since that time, nothing new has come to light until now about what the studio's first project could look like. And while it might still be quite some time until we see this title announced in a public capacity, to see that Hennig is once again sticking with the action-adventure genre isn't all that surprising. It's definitely the genre where her most recognizable work has come about, so it makes sense for her to be creating something new of this same ilk.

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