Unlock Android 21, SSGSS Goku And Vegeta In Dragon Ball FighterZ With These Steps

We’re just a few days away from the arrival of Dragon Ball FighterZ, and the game comes loaded [...]

Dragon Ball FighterZ

We're just a few days away from the arrival of Dragon Ball FighterZ, and the game comes loaded with an amazing roster of combatants that can level the place in a matter of attacks. But if you want true power, you'll want to get your hands on three of the most powerful beings in the game – SSGSS Goku, SSGSS Vegeta, and Android 21, the newest member to come to the party.

That said, unlocking these characters is anything but easy, as you may have to follow a few elaborate steps in order to add them to your roster. That said, Game Informer recently provided some steps that will help you out, and we've included them below!

Android 21

This new character is probably the easiest when it comes to unlocking, as you merely need to finish the story mode to add her. This could take a few hours to do, around five or so according to Game Informer. That's if you cut corners, skipping the cutscenes and going right for the bosses. Otherwise, it'll take longer. Make sure you opt for bonuses with health regeneration, defense and special attack power to assure that you win later battles, if you can.

SSGSS Blue Goku and Vegeta

If you managed to pick up the "Day One" edition of the game or put in a pre-order, these characters will be yours automatically. Otherwise, if you want to add them, things could get a little tricky.

For Vegeta, you'll need to either attain 300,000 Zenny to buy him, or complete the Extreme Gravity Spaceship Course on hard difficulty with nothing less than an A-rank. SSGSS Goku, however, is even more expensive, as you'll need to earn 500,000 Zenny or complete the Hyperbolic Time Chamber Course on hard difficulty, again with an A-rank.

Now, how do you get these hard levels? You first need to beat the regular versions in arcade mode – and that could take a bit of practice.

So if you want to take the easy way with the "Day One" version, that's the best way to go. But true fighting masters will want to grind it out and bring the characters into the fold their way, as they'll feel like they truly earned them. Good luck!

Dragon Ball FighterZ will release this Friday on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.