Valheim Devs Reveal New Mistlands Enemy

As Valheim players wait on the big Mistlands update to release, Iron Gate has been sharing the occasional preview here and there to show off different parts of the new biome and its inhabitants. Sometimes those teasers consist of weapons or environmental objects while others focus on creatures be they peaceful ones or enemies. It looks like we've gotten a preview of the latter this time with Valheim's creators showing off another new Mistlands enemy.

The new enemy was revealed in a blog post from Iron Gate which went over different Mistlands features that have already been revealed as well as this new enemy to close out the teases. Iron Gate blocked it off as a spoiler for those who want to go into Valheim's Mistlands update with fresh eyes, and while we'll presume you want to see it since you're here, we'll do the same. So, if you don't want to be spoiled, now's your chance to head out.

For those undeterred, you can check out the new Mistlands enemy below: A bulbous, icky tick. We've seen other smallish creatures revealed in the past like the rabbit which did not look aggressive, but considering how the players have their weapons raised against the tick and how nobody likes ticks anyway, it's a safe bet that this is going to be an enemy.


Other than a joke about the tick's size, Iron Gate didn't offer any other details on this enemy, but we kind of get the gist of it just from the image. It might have some sort of additional effect, but a tick's a tick, and it'll be the players' jobs to slay it if they come across it.

In the same post, Iron Gate teased that the content in the Mistlands update won't just be relegated to that biome itself. Instead, there will also be some content available in parts of the game outside of the Mistlands biome.

"We don't want the Mistlands update to only be about the Mistlands – we also want there to be some new content in the earlier gameplay leading up to the new biome," Iron Gate said. "A significant such addition will be an upgrade to the fish; there will be new types, they'll come in different sizes, and you'll be able to mount your most impressive catches on item stands! While they're still swimming the fish will also jump above the surface, to give it all an even more atmospheric touch."

Valheim's new Mistlands update does not yet have a set release date.