Valheim Update Surprises Players With Gameplay Changes and New Content

A new Valheim update -- Patch 0.155.7 -- is live over on Steam with some gameplay changes and some [...]

A new Valheim update -- Patch 0.155.7 -- is live over on Steam with some gameplay changes and some new content. At the moment of publishing, it's unclear what the file size of the update is, but it is a small update, or at least that's what the patch notes convey. Primarily, the update makes changes to monsters, or more specifically, the AI behind monsters. With the update, monsters will now be more aggressive about attacking structures.

As for the new content, it comes courtesy of midsummer in Sweden. To celebrate the occasion, developer Iron Gate Studio has made the Maypole buildable. It's not much, but it's more new content than players were expecting.

"Gameplay-wise this patch mostly fixes AI issues, as we tried to make monsters slightly more aggressive and attack your buildings etc," reads a blurb about the update. "When they are not able to attack you. It's fun for the whole family! Also, it's midsummer here in Sweden, so we celebrate by temporarily making the Maypole buildable."

Below, you can check out the full patch notes for the update, courtesy of developer Iron Gate Studio:

  • Random save bug-fix (Solves a very unusual case of world corruption caused when shutting down)
  • Monster AI tweaks (More aggressively attacking structures when unable to attack the player among other things)
  • Open container fix (Fixes issue where you had to click a container multiple times to open it in multiplayer)
  • Taught Greydwarfs to throw better
  • Event trigger tweaks (Wolf event only triggers after Bonemass has been killed, Moder army can trigger in mountains etc.)
  • Long forgotten Blob event enabled
  • SFX volume setting fix (Used wrong DB conversion)
  • Maypole enabled (Happy midsummer!)
  • AI flee behaviour tweaks (Bosses don't run from you anymore)

Valheim is available -- via Steam Early Access and for $20 -- on PC. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of any additional platforms.

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