Valkyrae Says She Feels Like a "Zoo Animal" While Streaming

Everyone gets a little bit frustrated with their jobs at times, and this seems to be no different [...]

Everyone gets a little bit frustrated with their jobs at times, and this seems to be no different for YouTube streamer Valkyrae. Even though it might seem like a glamorous job from the outside looking in, one of the biggest creators on YouTube has expressed recently that she is growing tired of the way that her audience acts at times. So much so, in fact, that she said she's beginning to feel more like a "zoo animal" than an actual streamer.

Valkyrae got some of these lingering feelings off of her chest in a recent stream where she expressed that the way in which her audience demands things of her is borderline inhumane. "Sometimes I just feel like a zoo animal. Like a monkey you throw food at, tell it to do a trick, and when it doesn't do what you want, you hate it," Valkyrae said on stream. This is another instance in recent months where Valkyrae has said that the way her chat reacts sometimes often makes her not want to play certain games or do specific activities.

While Valkyrae's words directed to her audience might sound harsh, she also added the caveat that she knows that most of her viewers are quite chill and don't mind what she does. However, it's that small yet vocal minority that can sometimes ruin her experience while streaming. "Honestly, I feel like it's just a vocal minority," she made clear. "I understand that the majority of chat is just chilling, having a good time, enjoying each game. A lot of people enjoy what I'm doing in the moment, no matter what."

As for what she is doing to potentially curb this issue, Valkyrae said she might change the parameters required to engage with her while on stream. "I think I'm going to leave my chat in members-only mode," she said of her potential future plans. "After today, I'm going to do my best to ignore those kinds of things in chat. I hate when it ruins my mood. I'm not as happy as I was earlier."

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