Valorant Releases New FFA Deathmatch Mode

Valorant now has a new game mode for players to try out with the release of the FFA Deathmatch experience. As its name suggests, this new game mode is a more traditional first-person shooter experience where players compete to see who can get the winning number of kills either by reaching a limit or having the most kills when the match times out. It's got a completely different ruleset than the normal Valorant mode with no spikes to plant, no abilities to use, and respawns turned on to get players back in the game quickly after they're eliminated.

Riot Games announced the arrival of the new game mode on Twitter this week following the launch of Act II. The update went live ahead of the FFA Deathmatch mode's release with the mode released not long afterwards in a beta format. It'll stay in its beta period for a while as its monitored to make sure everything's working properly.

FFA Deathmatch games are played without teams since it's a free-for-all, and to win, you'll have to get 30 kills first. If time runs out at six minutes, whoever has the most kills will win.

Where you'd normally have to manage your resources in the typical Valorant experience to buy weapons and abilities, you don't have to worry about that here. Players are able to buy whatever weapon they want and can swap it out at any time which means this is the perfect mode to practice against other players with different weapons instead of doing that in a normal Valorant match. You'll also spawn with heavy armor equipped and can find health packs littered around the maps to restore your health.

Once you're eliminated, you'll respawn in three seconds with eight seconds of invulnerability after you're back in the match. Move or shoot at anyone and you'll break the invulnerability. Riot said the spawns have been engineered so that they don't put players too far away from whatever is going on and will spawn players in with their backs to walls so you hopefully won't have to worry about anyone being right behind you.


Valorant's new FFA Deathmatch mode is now live.