Valve's Gabe Newell Says Xbox Series X Is Better than PS5

The Xbox Series X is better than the PlayStation 5, according to Gabe Newell. The Valve co-founder and creator who knows his way around a game or two was asked about the next-gen consoles during a segment from The Project NZ where he talked briefly about the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. When asked to pick between the two, he said the Xbox Series X was the better option, and when pressed to explain why that's the case, he simply said it's because that's the way it is.

After speaking on topics ranging from the coronavirus pandemic to virtual reality gaming and how Valve is approaching the technology, the conversation turned to the next-gen consoles. One of the hosts asked Newell what his thoughts were on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 and which one he thought was better. "The Xbox," Newell replied before saying "because it is" when asked to explain.

Elaborating just a bit more on the topic, Newell said he doesn't really have a stake in that race. He reminded viewers and the hosts that his time spent working on games is done on PCs and not on consoles, but of the two options, he would go with the Xbox.

On paper, many people will tell you the same following the reveal of the Xbox Series X specs and then the PlayStation 5 specs. Microsoft has been playing up that part of the console in its promotions for the Xbox Series X by consistently calling it the most powerful console ever.

We've seen all kinds of arguments for or against one console or the other in the buildup to their launches as Microsoft and Sony tout the most attractive components of their next-gen plans. Exclusives, console power, accompanying features and systems like Xbox Game Pass and backwards compatibility are often referenced in these sorts of discussions. It's unclear from Newell's brief statements which parts of the consoles' features he views gives the Xbox Series X the upperhand, but it's evident his choice is the next-gen Xbox and not the PlayStation 5.

Even with all this info about the two devices known, there are still some key things we don't know about them. When they'll release and how much they'll cost are two of the biggest questions, though people have made guesses on the latter to try and predict the prices. We know they'll release some time during Holiday 2020, so expect to hear more about them before then.