Vampire Survivors Creators Tease Next Project

Vampire Survivors creator poncle has had a hit on its hands already with this game both before and after it fully released, and now, the developer is teasing what's coming next. What's next is "a lot of stuff," according to poncle, and based on what's been teased, it appears that stuff will consist of a range of products like more DLC for Vampire Survivors as well as things not even related to this game.

Poncle teased its next ambitions in and out of Vampire Survivors in a year-end wrap-up shared this week where the developer looked back on the successes of 2022 and ahead to what's coming next.

"There's a lot of stuff, not exclusively related to Vampire Survivors, getting made behind the scenes in poncle," the developer said in its latest update. "There's something weird and big (in terms of pixels) coming soon to the Steam public-beta, and since the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC has been a success, The Directer will soon offer to take the survivors to yet another world in search for the vampire... Do you have any suggestions where to try next? The ride only ends when you decide to get off! Or we find a vampire I guess."

The DLC referenced there is the only one that poncle has put out for the game, and like Vampire Survivors itself, it costs next to nothing and seemingly provided players with plenty more to do on top of the already addicting loop of Vampire Survivors.

What the thing is that's coming soon to Steam in a beta form isn't known, but the more exciting part of the statement is that poncle is more explicitly saying that it's working on things not related to Vampire Survivors. The developer has hinted at that in the past in one of its previous updates when it shared the patch notes for the 1.0 update and teased what would be coming next by saying "We'll probably start developing something new in poncle." Development and support for Vampire Survivors will continue, however.