Renegade Resurrects Award-Winning Vegas Showdown Game

Renegade Games Studio announced plans to publish a new edition of Vegas Showdown in October.

Vegas Showdown, an award-winning game about building casinos, is getting a new life thanks to Renegade Games Studio. The games publisher announced that it would release a new edition of Vegas Showdown in October 2024. The game is one of several included under its wide-ranging licensing deal with Hasbro, which was expanded to add several games last year. Renegade Games Studio has opted not to make any changes to the rules of Vegas Showdown, but is providing the game with a "visual update" as part of the new release.

Vegas Showdown is a competition to build the best casino in Las Vegas, with players bidding for contractors to work on projects and add different combinations ofrestaurants, lounges, gaming rooms, and other attractions. Each type of room is represented by a room tile that players bid on throughout the game, choosing how to utilize their own limited resources as play continues. Also impacting the game are event cards, which can impact construction for all players. Different combinations of rooms and fulfilling other requirements earn players victory points, with the winner determined at the end of the game. Vegas Showdown was named Game of the Year by Games Magazine back in 2007 and was a nominee for Golden Geek's best family board game in 2006.

Renegade Games Studio has had strong success building up its line of Hasbro-owned properties. In addition to publishing classic games like Axis & Allies and Diplomacy, Renegade has also released several new themed versions including an Axis & Allies game involving GI Joe and a Robo Rally variant featuring the Transformers. Renegade also notably has licenses to make tabletop RPGs and board games for several major Hasbro franchises, including My Little Pony, Transformers, Power Rangers and GI JOE.