Verizon Starts Selling Xbox Series X Consoles

If you haven't had any luck acquiring an Xbox Series X or a Series S through the usual retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, or Microsoft itself, there's a new option out there that may work out in your favor. Verizon announced this week its plans to start selling the newer Xbox consoles via Microsoft's Xbox All Access program. Both of those consoles are available through the mobile and Internet provider now.

Xbox All Access, for those unfamiliar with the program, is a way for people to get their hands on an Xbox console if they're not quite ready to pay for it all upfront. You pay in monthly installments instead and also get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to make better use of the console's online features and its library of Xbox Game Pass games. If might not be the preferred option for obtaining a Series X or Series S, but if you haven't gotten one by now, it's at least another option.

Aside from the natural draw of attracting those who want a console but don't yet have one (who probably also already have a Verizon account), Verizon's connection for these Xbox sales is the consoles' compatibility with the provider's 5G offerings.

"Xbox All Access pairs perfectly with Verizon's fast and reliable mobile and home connections — 5G Ultra Wideband and Verizon Home Internet — both available in select areas," Verizon said in its marketing pitch for why you should consider buying an Xbox console from them. "Whether you prefer massive multiplayer online games, fancy yourself a solo RPG purist or just want to jump into the fray with your closest friends, Verizon has you covered."

When Verizon's new offering was announced, the retailer said it'd start selling the consoles via Xbox All Access starting on July 28th. Now that the date has rolled around, you can find the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S both on sale. You'll have to sign in to move forward with the process, but there's no warning at this time about limited availability or anything like that on Verizon's site.