Vikings Star Will Join Call Of Duty: WWII’s Zombies Cast

We’re just a few days away from San Diego Comic-Con 2017…and, more importantly, just three [...]


We're just a few days away from San Diego Comic-Con 2017…and, more importantly, just three days away from the official unveiling of the new Zombies mode in Call of Duty: WWII. We've heard promising stuff about the mode thus far, and this leaked footage hasn't done much to calm us down.

Yesterday, we reported on the news that a pair of stars would be joining the cast of the game, and that the cast would expand as we got closer to the panel. It turns out Activision has kept its word, as the official Call of Duty Twitter account has revealed the latest star to join the cast.

Call 2

Katheryn Winnick, who portrays Lagertha on the hit series Vikings and will also appear in the upcoming film adaptation of The Dark Tower, will portray the role of Marie Fischer in the game. While Activision hasn't clarified what her role is just yet, it appears she could be part of the Resistance that fights back against the zombie horde that the Nazis create in an effort to turn the tide during World War II. (We'll let you know once the details of her role are revealed.)

Winnick joins a couple of other announced actors for the project – David Tennant, who previously appeared in Doctor Who and the Netflix series Jessica Jones; and Elodie Yung, who previously appeared as Elektra in the Daredevil series.

And Activision isn't done yet. It still has two or so days until the panel takes place, which means it more than likely has two more big stars to announce for the cast. We'll keep you informed when the announcements are made, and who will be joining the party at that point.

The panel is sure to deliver some exciting new information on the mode, including a look at the official trailer for the game (Sledgehammer critiqued the one that was leaked a little while back, saying it was "unfinished"), as well as the roles the characters will be playing in the game. Considering this is the team that worked previously on the Dead Space games, we're definitely excited for it.

Call of Duty: WWII releases on November 3rd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.