Visual Novel Project LUX Coming to PSVR

(Photo: Sekai Project)

Today at PSX, Playstation VR took center stage with tons of new announcements around games bring brought over to the console. Among the titles headed for PSVR was Project LUX, a visual novel that puts players in the shoes of an agent reliving memories that involve an artist named Lux. It's set in the midst of the trial, where the player is a defendant and the jury must search his digital memories for information. Check out the trailer below:

Project LUX, like most visual novels, has several different endings that result based on the player's actions and decisions. The genre is known for its immersion in story, and for very often putting the player in control of the game's events. In the role of the protagonist, you must search your memory to figure out the mystery of your connection to Lux, a young artist who designs what are basically robotic brains for humans, in a world where that's become fairly common.

While visual novels in virtual reality aren't especially new to the Japanese market, the bridge to the west is something of a new move, despite the genre having its own growing audience on our shores. It's going to be interesting to see how players handle being able to hold hands with their in-game cohort -- if they get that far before someone dies a grim dark death, or some other weird visual novel trope pops up to spook you.

It wouldn't be surprising if that happened, either: Sekai Project is known for publishing and translating several visual novels that are practically disguised as your standard dating sim, but many of their story lines feature deeper plots than the wide-eyed characters on their covers might let on.


Project LUX is currently only available via Steam as an early access title, and it's release date for PSVR has yet to be announced.